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Identifying With Jesus

Baptism is identifying with Jesus as the Savior who identified with rebels and sinners like us by coming, living, suffering, dying, and being raised from the dead for our rescue (salvation). Once someone has trusted in Jesus Christ as their Savior, baptism is an initial step in loving, faithful obedience in their desire and commitment to follow him by faith.

It's key to remember that baptism is a picture of a salvation that has already occurred. It in no way contributes to someone’s salvation. Our salvation is from Jesus’ work, not ours, and is a gift of God’s grace in what Jesus has done, not what we do. What happens outwardly in baptism is a picture of what has already taken place in one’s life inwardly. The order is belief in Jesus by his grace, and then baptism. It's a beautiful picture of the work of the gospel.

To more fully understand baptism, here's a simple resourceWe encourage you to read the Scripture passages it points to. If you have a question about baptism, please send us an email at